its name evokes the tradition of Parmesan dialect, in which “snèver” is the term for the juniper berries that give, as in ancient cured-meat traditions, a strong and decided flavour to pig meats. This product is obtained from selected fresh thighs of European pigs and prepared with ingredients carefully selected by suppliers and which do not contain:

  • GMOs
  • allergens
  • caseinates and/or lactose and milk derivates
  • added polyphosphates
  • added MSG
  • gluten

This is a cooked product made entirely with manual artisanal techniques that involve the use of nets in which it is placed to be steamed and then roasted with a final smoking. It is sprinkled with juniper berries that impart a strong and decided flavour that enhances the light and delicate brine.
It is listed in the Celiac Association Handbook and is certified according to the product standards.