Magnum Form

The Formato Magnum is intended in its Latin sense. In fact, it is obtained from fresh selected hind legs from mature Italian pigs and processed in such a way as to have a large, rectangular slice, easily recognizable. The extremely delicate brine brings out the excellent quality of the fresh meat used, deboned and trimmed using the company’s exclusive method.

Created and developed for use in the high-end sliced meats industry, it was the first product of the company to be dedicated for slicing.

All of the ingredients used in the processing are meticulously selected and do not contain:

  • gluten,
  • milk derivatives and/or lactose,
  • monosodium glutamate,
  • allergens,
  • genetically modified soy and corn, added during the processing phase,
  • added polyphosphates.

The work processing may include the removal of the pork rind.