The MITO® cooked ham is the firstborn of the Company’s history and with its name, it honors the land of Langhirano, considered the cradle of the cured meat masters who developed the tradition of Italian cured meats, their skilful work going on and on.

Obtained from a selection of fresh mature pig hind leg from Italy, the bone is then extracted and trimmed in the company’s exclusive way, in preparation for the processing with an extremely delicate brine which brings out the flavor of fresh meat.

All of the ingredients used in the processing are meticulously selected and do not contain:

  • gluten,
  • milk derivatives and/or lactose,
  • monosodium glutamate,
  • allergens,
  • genetically modified soy and corn, added during the processing phase,
  • added polyphosphates.

MITO® is present in the Celiac Association Handbook and it is certified according to product standards.