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Your Quality Logo®

Projects for quality products

The Your Quality Logo® trademark is intended as an immediate and current representation of the “IFE” company, which epitomises our vocation as a private label-oriented enterprise, focused on the premium segment of the cooked cured meats market.
Cooked ham (“Prosciutto cotto”), in particular, which accounts for over 25% of the cured meat market, can be defined as the Italian consumers’ favourite product.

Our company exclusively produces in Langhirano (Parma) and is deeply rooted in this territory, the wellspring of excellent food products and home to a long tradition of craftsmanship.
The size of our company and our high degree of specialisation are fundamental prerequisites for a high-quality customised production, developing individual projects with the possibility of flexibility and expansion. As part of a partnership, IFE offers to the Private Label tailor-made and delicious cooked hams for its customers and a high service capacity.

IFE’s know-how is ingrained in tradition but looks to the future: it revolves around the environment, processes, our territory and our people, in order to achieve a sustainable environmental, social and economic development. This is how tradition and passion engender a distinctive taste experience, surprisingly unique and exclusive every time.