With this term, a neologism coined in 1989 by Dr. Stephen De Felice by joining the terms “nutrition” and “pharmaceutics”, we indicate the discipline that studies “the food components which have beneficial effects on well-being and health, including the prevention and treatment of diseases.

In this area of study are included the active ingredients themselves, preparations based on medicinal herbs, functional foods, some foods naturally rich in bioactive components eand dietary and herbal supplements. Nutraceuticals represent today a high-potential concrete reality with beneficial effects in terms of health and well-being.

As we have adopted people’s well-being as our objective, nutraceuticals are the logical consequence. In accordance with the “Guidelines for a Healthy Italian Nutrition” published by INRAN (National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research) in collaboration with the University of Parma, our company, in 2001, carried out functional research about its objective, research which continues to this day.