Starting from our production standards, looking for quality fresh meat, making an attentive choice of ingredients, we wanted to complete our selection with the production of premium specialties, that is, unique products that derive from attentive research geared toward the appreciation of the premium parts of the pig, different from the ham.

These parts are processed each according to its own characteristics: Some are seasoned through the addition of carefully selected natural herbs which give them a typical local flavor; others are joined together with twine or cord nets which enhance the homemade aspect.

All of the ingredients used in the processing are meticulously selected and do not contain:
  • . gluten,
  • . milk derivatives and/or lactose,
  • . monosodium glutamate,
  • . allergens,
  • . genetically modified soy and corn, added in processing,
  • . added polyphosphates

The products listed here are present in The Celiac Association Handbook.