For slicing

In the last five years, we developed with our clients a line of cooked hams to be sliced and put in small containers. These products maintain the characteristic which singles out and distinguishes our cooked hams, that is, they all come from fresh pork hind legs, on the bone, which are deboned in factory and then subject to the necessary requirements for automatic, or rather, manual slicing. All of the ingredients used in the processing are meticulously selected and do not contain:
  • . gluten,
  • . milk derivatives and/or lactose,
  • . monosodium glutamate,
  • . allergens,
  • . genetically modified soy and corn, added during the processing phase,
  • . added polyphosphates

The products listed here fall within high quality cooked ham’s classification, according to the Ministerial Decree 21/09/2005 and subsequent amendments.